Interview Question For Sap Exam

Interview Question For Sap Exam

What is the difference between SY-INDEX and SY-TABIX?

sy-tabix – It displays the current row or record
sy-index- It shows loop iteration

What is the tcode for forms/interface?


What is the tcode for the transaction code?


What is the tcode for the Function Module?


What is the tcode for the Global class?


What is the tcode for the Message class?


What are the types of search help?

Elementary and collective

What are the types of view types?

there 3 types of views:
Database view
projection view
Maintenance view
Help view

What are the types of Table Types?

4 types of table types:
Standard Table
Sorted Table
Hash Table
Index Table
Not Specified

How to use message class in a report or program?

type codename(message classname)
where e = error, s=success, i=information

what are the events used in the module pool program?

PBO = process before output
PAI = process after input
POR = process on value request

which table through F4 help “check table ” OR “value table”?

The value table is defined at the domain level and is used to provide F4 help for all the fields which refer to that domain.

What are CMOD and SMOD?

CMOD- customer modification
SMOD- sap modification.

What are the difference function module and a subroutine?

Subroutine is local
The function module is global(can be used for another program also)

what is the prerequisite For all entries?

The internal table is not empty
Table data should be unique

How to add a Zebra line in ALV?

LAYOUT-ZEBRA = ‘X’. // use it in the ALV

What is the transaction code of the translation tool in sap?

SE63 is used to translate field label

What is the use of SE14?

Se14 tcode help to adjust and activate the database table and deleted table, it will work if you made some change in the field(change datatype size, enable case-sensitive, enable sign checkbox) or add a new field in SE11 DDIC in the Customs database table, It is not for the standard database table.

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