How To Make Search Help In DDIC?

How To Make Search Help In DDIC, there are two types of search help offered by Sap :


Elementary search help:

Collective search help: It is a collection of elementary search help

Step1: To make search help we make table trainees which contain two fields – traineeid, traineename.

Step 2: So we make a search help for the trainee id, which we linked through the data element.

Selection Method

It describes the database object from which data is read or the database table and view can define as the selection method.

Dialog Type

display values immediately mean that it will immediately display a hit list once you press input view(F4), not open restricted range table.

Dialog with values restriction: it will directly open the restricted value range dialog box once you press F4.

Choose this option if the list of possible entries is large. If the user limits the amount of data to be processed, the hit list becomes more comprehensible and the system load during value selection is reduced.

Dialog depends on a set of values: If the hit list contains less than 100 entries in a table, it is displayed immediately. if the hit list is more than 100 entries, the system will call the restricted value range dialog box.

Modified field

It will enable the data element field, and you can change the data element directly.

Not checked – Data element field is disabled

checked – Data element field is enable

Import/ Export Parameter

set parameters in search help:

Import – Parameter with which related information is copied from the input template(screen) to help template.

this import parameter speedup searching;

Export – Parameter with which values from the hit list are returned to the input template(screen).

Once double-clicked on any row, its data is returned to the input template immediately


Lpos- It displays the position of a parameter in the hit list.

Spos – It displays the position of a search help parameter in the restricted value range dialog box.

if you do not enable spos checkbox it will hide the parameter in the help template(restrict value range table).

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