Difference Between Domain Vs Data Element

Difference Between Domain Vs Data Element.


Domain – It is used to define the technical properties of a field such as data type or the number of positions in a field.

In the domain, you will set multiple features – case-sensitive, conversion routine, the decimal place, sign, and give value range which works as F4 help.

Also, you can give a table range in the domain that helps in establishing foreign keys.

How does case-sensitive work in the domain?

Case Not Checked – It will store in Capital format by default.

Case Checked – It will store in which format you enter, if entered in lowercase it will store in lowercase format and if you enter in capital so , it will store in uppercase.

Data element

The data element is contain a field label and domain characteristics.

In the data element, you use pre-define a data type, and also use a custom build data type(domain).

field labels (short, medium, long ) can be displayed later on the screen or selection screen to explain the field content.

In the data element, you can add search help by simply goto-> further characteristics->search help.

you need to add the search help name and parameter that you defined in the search help(DDIC).

How to translate Field label in Sap?

Go to transaction code SE63 to translate field lable.

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