Database Table Complete Detail

Database Table Complete Detail

Data Browser / Table View Editing – It has three types

  • Display/Maintenence Allowed with Restrictions
  • Display/Maintenence Allowed
  • Display/Maintenence Not Allowed

Display/Maintenence Allowed with Restrictions – In this you can only view the database entry and not allow you to create a new entry in the database.

Display/Maintenence Allowed: In this, you can view database entries and create a new entry in the table.

Display/Maintenence Not Allowed: In this, you are not allowed to view the database entries and not allow to create a new entry in the database table

Important: if you select Display/Maintenence Allowed with Restrictions, or Display/Maintenence Not Allowed you are not even creating an entry through the SM30 t-code.

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